Imagine Me & You

created in August 2006
~ 13 MB

What would you do when you saw the love of your life on your way to the altar - and it was not the person you were marrying?
Nina's Heavenly Delights

created in March 2007
~ 22 MB

When Nina comes home to bury her father she finds out that the family restaurant is about to be sold. With the help of Lisa (the daughter of the other owner) she tries to win the annual national curry competition to save it.
While preparing for the final on TV she also discovers something else...
When Night Is Falling

created in July 2007
~ 16 MB

Camille works as a teacher at a Christian college and has her life planned out for her
... including marrying her colleague.
When she meets circus performer Petra at a laundromat, where they accidentally switch their laundry, everything is about to change....
The Gymnast

created in March 2008
~ 38 MB

Jane was once a successful gymnast, but an injury ended all her dreams. Therefore, her life has become kind of dull and lacks direction. When she teams up with dancer Serena to create an aerial act, her life gets a new purpose and it also takes a very unexpected turn...
Desert Hearts

created in May 2008
~ 17 MB

It's 1959 and Professor Vivien Bell from New York comes to Reno just to get a divorce from her husband.
When she meets Cay Rivers, she immediately feels drawn to the young woman and finds out that Reno has so much more to offer...
Fremde Haut  (a.k.a. Unveiled)

created in April 2010
~ 93 MB

Fariba flees Iran and seeks asylum in Germany, but it is not granted. When fellow Iranian Siamak kills himself, she takes on his identity and starts her illegal stay in Germany.
When (s)he falls in love with co-worker Anne, things start getting complicated...