Welcome to katebushfan_no1's videos!

The story of my videos started in September 2005 when I decided to take a closer look at a message board for VERBOTENE LIEBE where clips and self-made videos were posted.

After a very short time I tried to make my first video (about Carla and Susanne from VL) and posted it on that message board. The feedback was amazing!!!
And so it didn't take me long to make three more of them (one more about Carla and Susanne and two about Carla and Hanna).

In late October 2005 I decided to focus on other series as well and I began creating my ten-video-arch about the Helen-and-Nikki love story from the British television series BAD GIRLS. And because I liked these two so much, I made even more videos about them!

In the first two years since then I made a few videos about other couples from BAD GIRLS and I started making videos about Kerry and Kim from EMERGENCY ROOM as well. I also made quite a few clips about lesbian movies and I still have a lot of ideas.........but unfortunately no time to make them.

That's something I regret very much and I really hope that I will soon be able to find the time to make another video!